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Walking to dumpton and king george vi memorial park. the italianate glasshouse is beautiful and in normal times, you can have afternoon tea and cake outside.

There are so many places to visit in Thanet. Tishy moved here in 2001 and lived about 300 yards from this park. The views of the sea from here are breathtaking. There is a swing park for the children, a coffee and ice-cream bar which is used extensively by the dog walkers, so it is very friendly. Just outside the park there are tennis courts which cost very little to play on. The bowling club is next to the tennis courts and you have to be a member, but you are welcome to just sit and watch them play. There is an area amongst the trees near the glasshouse where kids can ride their bicycles up and down the slopes - a bit like off roading. The park is about a half of a mile from Dumpton Park station. You can walk from the park to Broadstairs or Ramsgate as the park is in the middle. If you get the train and walk to the park, on the way you pass the fabulous garden centre which is always worth a visit.

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