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I was born in Glasgow

in a tenement for two.

When I was just a baby,

the bedrooms they were few.

One was for my parents

and the youngest baby boy.

The other had two sets of bunks

and all the children's toys.

That meant there were seven in all

in fact we had two more,

so my parents put some bedding

in the front room on the floor.

The noise it was quite deafening

my dad was always out.

He'd be working in the highlands

or at the pub no doubt.

But the friendships that we made back


are still with us today.

I'm best friends with all eight of them.

May that never go away.



Getting home at midnight

you feel a bit rundown.

Others on the train you find

were all partying in town.

They are loud and they are laughing

having lots of things to say,

about the places that they went

and the stuff they did today.

I did three live tv shows

while they were having supper,

thirty seconds till "on air"

standby to roll the bumper.

I'd like to do a night class

or invite my friends to tea,

but I get home at midnight

so it's straight to bed for me.




Once was all it took for me

to stand under the lilac tree

and smell the blossoms in the air

for memories come that I will share

Purple flowers filled the room

The class breathed in their sweet perfume

I'd carried them on the bus and train

up the hill and down the lane

Today I was the May Princess

the thought of it had made me stress

but mum then told me what to bring

on this - a sunny day in spring

I followed her outside the door

on the grass and stony floor

to where the lilac tree stood proud

and cut as many my arms allowed

She swathed the blooms in silver foil

My face it smiled just like a Royal

and so the smell of lilacs still

bring thoughts of mum and her goodwill


I'm running out of space

in my imaginary trophy case.

The washing's done

floors all clean,

I've bought the sweets for Halloween.

Hoover, dust, iron and bake.

Think I deserve a coffee break.

While the kettle's on the boil,

I'll put away the new tin foil,

then clean the fridge, empty the bin.

Don't have time to go to the gym.

Will change the beds, 

the windows are fine,

I washed them all at half past nine.

The loos are done, the bath is too.

That leaves me time to make the stew.

And so you see my trophy display,

is overflowing with cups today.

Beautiful Landscape

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